Combine your visit to the Multimar with an exciting mudflat hike in the National Park.

In the Multimar students can arrange an optional programme (e.g. class expedition, large classes). At appropriate places on the North Sea coast they can then have an excursion into the varied mudflat landscape.

Transfer from the Multimar to the Wadden Sea is not part of the programme and must be organised separately.

Mudflat experience

This programme can be easily done in one day, but it is also possible to have two activities on different days.

The tides

Every mudflat experience must be arranged with the tides. It is therefore necessary that you register well in advance by calling the National Park information number: 04861 96200. Then we can make a mudflat experience just for you.

Duration and price

Depending on the 1-3 hour Multimar programme plus at least 3 hours for the mudflat experience.

Please allow sufficient time for arrivals and breaks.

Price €2.50 per person plus Multimar admission and selected programme. (Mudflat hikes are also available without a Multimar visit.)

Online inquiry

The inquiry is non-binding and requires written confirmation.