Main courses

Dithmarsch Stuffed Cabbage
Homemade stuffed cabbage with bacon sauce and boiled potatoes 

Sour Roll        
Eiderstedt Sour Roll with steamed turnips and boiled potatoes

Original Tönning Pickled Herring        
Tönning pickled herring with ‘housewife sauce’, side salad and fried potatoes 

Eiderstedt dumpling with Kasseler pork chop and hot cherries
Pears, Beans and Bacon   
Eiderstedt speciality with boiled potatoes
Beet Feast   
Ditmarsh swede with potatoes, kochwurst and Kasseler pork chop
Eiderstedt roast 
Roast pork, two types of vegetable and boiled potatoes
Pollock fillet
MSC pollack fillet fried in batter, boiled potatoes, dill sauce and salad garnish

Coffee & cakes

a) Homemade cake 
& ‘coffee unlimited’ 
b) Homemade gateau
& ‘coffee unlimited’ 
c) Homemade cake,
Homemade gateau
& ‘coffee unlimited’ 
d) Homemade cake,
Homemade gateau buffet
& ‘coffee unlimited’ 

Multimar Wattforum Restaurant :
    Michael Ploog

restaurantatmultimar-wattforum [dot] de

Bookings: 0 48 61 96 20 86