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Seahorses, Sturgeons and a beached Sperm Whale

How big is a whale, how small is a Seahorse? Does a Lumpsucker suck lumps? Why are Sturgeon extinct? The Multimar Wattforum Centre answers all the questions about the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park and conveys guests through the fascinating underwater world of Germany’s largest World Heritage Site.

Colourful biodiversity


The Multimar has 36 big aquariums displaying the creatures of the Wadden Sea; a total of more than 280 species of fish, crabs, mussels and snails. While Sturgeon, Thornback Ray and Catfish majestically swim by, the Lobster would rather hide in its cave and the Seahorse among the algae. It is fun to look twice. Orange lights up the Starfish, red the Cushion Star and white the Ice Star. The Stone Crab looks bizarre and dangerous with its long legs, but it only has small pincers to crack shells. The Ghost Crab is cleverly hidden. It covers its body with algae and lets if grow there.

Whales – the gentle giants of the sea


The Multimar invites you to dive into the world of whales and look a Sperm Whale in the eye. This Sperm Whale was stranded in the Wadden Sea a few years ago; it is a bull, 18 metres long, weighed about 45 tonnes and was 28 years old. On one side of his head you can see some scratches which could be the result of a fight with a Giant Squid. And on the other side you can touch the skull, jaw and teeth. Around the Sperm Whale there are ten chambers giving information about Porpoises. These small relatives of the Sperm Whale are more of a human size – 1.80 metres. In the Wadden Sea they are specially protected.

Computer, games and feeding divers


The Multimar explains the fascinating world of the Wadden Sea. Models help to push the imagination, computers allow intensive exploration, games encourage participation. You can crank a shaft in the surf pool or try to cycle with the power of a Greenshank. Or you can watch a diver feeding fish in the large aquarium and ask questions via microphone.


Further Information:

Nationalpark-Zentrum Multimar Wattforum
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Opening times (all year except 24th December)

1st April – 31st October 9am to 6pm

1st November – 31st March 10am – 5 pm


Entrance prices 2010/2011

Adults €9 children €6 families €25


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